The Assessment and treatment of adults with neurological conditions

Postgraduate training conducted under basic course lasts 110 hours of lessons spread over 15 days. The course is designed for therapists working with patients with disorders within the CNS, including: after strokes, contusions of the brain stem, cranio-cerebral or MS. The course in great detail related issues are discussed with all ailments and disorders in this group of patients. They are shown as well as suggestions for their treatment. Part of the course is also a proper traffic analysis, which enables a thorough understanding of the patho-mechanism of disorders arising in a patient with a damaged CNS. Trainees receive guidance on how to properly and honestly examine patients and how to conduct effective treatment. Process reengineering presented at the course involves both the proceedings in the acute phase and chronic. It analyzes the 24-hour model improvement (guidelines for caregivers and the patient’s family) and raises issues related to self-service. During the training, are carried out demonstrations of standard therapy patients. Mandatory part of the training is to work of course participants with the patient for 10 days, as assessed by an instructor, as part of the final exam. During the training, participants seem too theoretical test and a break between parts of training, develop a stand-alone case treatment of the patient with damage to the CNS in a descriptive and film documentation. Successful completion of the course gives a degree of international therapist Bobath concept. Entry requirements: Diploma physiotherapist (techniques, Bachelor, Master) or doctor