Evangelia Manta
PT, MT, Instructor IKTA

She graduated from the Physical therapy department of Thessaloniki’s university and she works as a freelancer since 2005. Her clinical experience has started very early, since she worked in a private praxis. Her interest in neurological disorders, as well as ways of managing and treating such cases, was the starting point for her subsequent professional career.

In 2007 she completed the first basic course on the ΒΟΒΑΤΗ concept for adult neurological patients, and since then she completed a series of training courses in the field of neurology, manual therapy and therapeutic exercises.

Since 2013 she has been a full member and an instructor candidate of ΙΒΙΤΑ- INTERNATIONAL BOBATH INSTRUCTORS TRAINING ASSOCIATION. It is an international association of instructors who teach the Bobath approach, which applied to patients with neurological conditions all over the world. She has taken part in courses of this specific approach in Hamburg, Florence and Lisbon. She has contributed to the spread of the concept by teaching workshops.

Simultaneously, she is an educational member of ΙΚΤΑ (International Kinematic Taping Academy) concerning the use of elastic tape with musculoskeletal, lymphatic and neurological applications. In the concept, she has contributed to the development of applications for neurological disorders.

At the same time, for the most integrated and spherical management of the patients, she has completed all the levels of Maitland Concept, while she is attending the training programme for the title of ΟΜΤ (recognized worldwide distinction by IFOMPT for manual therapy).

Her postgraduate specialization also includes courses like:

Assessment and treatment of patients with Parkinson and Multiple sclerosis. Instructor Jos Kurvers

Mobilization of the nervous system. Instructor Gerti Bucher-Dollenz

Primary headaches. Instructor Dean Watson

Manual Lymph Drainage– CDT. Instructor Hans Pritscow

The problem-solving approach to respiratory care. Instructor Alexandra Hough

Muscle energy techniques. Instructor Fred Mitchell

Explain Pain and Biologising Pain. Instructor Lorimer Moseley

Shoulder impingement and instability. Instructor Mark Jones

Michael Shacklock’s Neurodynamic Solutions (NDS) Instructor Michael Shacklock

Myofasziale Triggerpunkt Therapie (IMTT® concept) Modul 1/Modul 2 Instructor Heidi Tanno

Trigger Points, Pain and Muscle Tone. Instructor Ed Wilson

Lumbar-pelvic control (Lumbo-pelvic control) with researcher Paul Hodges

Kinematic Taping® Concept. Instructor John Langedoen

Fascial manipulation. Instructor Dr Antonio Stecco MD

Clinical Pilates – Reformer. Instructor Shari Rosenberg

Gyrokinesis. Instructor Shari Rosenberg

Presentations – Conferences

Presentation of a lecture in 3rd International Scientific Congress of Physical therapy, Thessaloniki 2015, theme: «Postural stability mechanisms and therapeutic applications within Bobath concept».

Presentation of a lecture in 29th Panehellenic Congress of Physiotherapy of Hellenic Scientific Assosiation of Physiotherapy, Athens 2015, theme: «Assessment and rehabilitation of adult neurological patients in impairment level».

Presentation of a lecture in 26th Congress of Panhellenic Assosiation of Physiotherapy, Athens 2016, theme: Physiotherapy Approach of painful shoulder in patients with Stroke: Practical applications through Bobath concept.

Workshop (Manta E., Kypriotis K.): Dynamic stability of scapula on the thorax for reaching, in neurological patients. 29th Panehellenic Congress of Physiotherapy of Hellenic Scientific Assosiation of Physiotherapy, Athens 2015

Workshop (Manta E., Kypriotis K.): Selective movement of pelvis, as a part of postural control and functional activation in adults, 3rd International Scientific Congress of Physical therapy, Thessaloniki 2015